Open Display of Grief

This blog is not going to be about politics, although it is going to be about the president, Joe Biden. Over the past months, I have watched a lot about him on tv. One thing that I felt a kinship with him is when he talks about losing his son Beau. I remember Joe Biden saying at one point, “ I wish Beau were here to see this”. There have been so many times that I have thought the same thing about Lisa. I wished that she was here to see whatever was taking place in my life.

It doesn’t bother me to see Biden get choked up when talking about his grief. Some people see that as a negative trait for him. I think that it shows his “humanness”. It shows love. Some politicians may want to keep the grief aspect out of public view. But showing it openly often helps a public figure seem more real, more genuine. Dare I say more trustworthy because they’re not trying to hide something personal?

I’m very comfortable with talking about Lisa to others. But I’m not sure if they are comfortable with me talking about her. Some don’t want to keep the conversation going.. Rather, they want to change the subject. Others, who have an understanding about the pain of grief, encourage me by having a two-way conversation. Maybe most people don’t identify with a person who has lost a child. It’s a small group. But the more that the small group speaks freely and openly, maybe more people will come to understand that grief.

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