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Someone who cares about you has given you a Lisa's Legacy bag in hopes of opening a conversation with you regarding your loss.  The bags are provided at no cost to the giver and allow them to share the gift with someone they care for who is dealing with a loss of some kind.
The bag is yours to use as you need. 
Our suggestions for the items included in your bag:

       In the year(s) following the death of your loved           one, the candle can be lit on significant dates             such as their birthday, anniversaries, and date of         death.
       In a quiet space, light the candle and find                     uplifting inspirational, or passages of hope to               read.  Often there are poems on grief that are 
       easy to find on the internet and in books.

       Spend time thinking and reflecting on the
       person who has died.  Don't be afraid to cry.  
       Don't be afraid to smile and enjoy some of the 
       memories that come to mind.  Share your 
       thoughts with others if they are with you and               you feel up to it.  Mostly, try to end this solemn
       time on a positive note, knowing that you
       honored your loved one.

       Write the deceased person's story. 
Tell                      everything that you can about their life ---                   actual events, places, likes, and dislikes,                       accomplishments. Also include descriptions of           their personality and uniqueness.          

       Write about your own journey 
as you navigate           through the darkness.  You may choose to
       begin with the initial news of the diagnosis or job
       loss, the decision of a separation or divorce.  Or
       it may just be a reflection of the lonely hours or 
       the daily struggles of depression.  If it is the                 case, you may want to include thoughts about
       people who helped you and those that you learn
       to avoid.  Sometimes it's helpful to record things
       that people said or did that were especially
       comforting and uplifting for you.

       Write down sayings, poems, notes, or
that you that you find inspirational,
       comforting, or meaningful.  They may be ones
       that you will want to read over and over again.

       Use it as a Call Log.  If you need to make name
       and address changes, use the notebook to
       record what businesses were called, who the
       contact was, and what you or they will do as a
       result of your call.

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