Someone who cares about you has given you a Lisa's Legacy bag in hopes of opening a conversation with you regarding your loss.  The bags are provided at no cost to the giver and allow them to share the gift with someone they care for who is dealing with a loss of some kind.
The bag is yours to use as you need but here are some of our suggested uses for the items in the bag. 
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After a loss of any kind, communicating your feelings can be difficult.  The notebook has been added to the bags in an effort to provide you with a place to write your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. You can share your story, the story of a loved one who has passed away, or just keep a journal of daily thoughts.
The notebook can also be a resource for reminders, a phone log, keeping track of to do lists, and more.  Whatever your individual need, the notebook is an important tool in the kits to help you manage through your time of loss.
When you are ready, we have provided you with note cards to send out to those of your choosing.  The note cards contain art by Lisa Filler who was a talented artist who loved to paint and draw.  Our hope is to carry on her memory and love of art through these cards.
Coloring has been shown to reduce stress and elicits a calming effect.  Artist Carolyn Stitch from Michigan provided the artwork for the pages in memory of Lisa.  We've included coloring pencils and markers for you as well. 
A beautiful touchstone has been provided to help you manage your stress and loss.  Touchstones have been shown to provide comfort during difficult times.
Candles provide a soothing ambiance for reflection, meditation or relaxation.  The bag contains a 4 oz, slow-burning, soy candle that provides a light scent that was custom designed by Lisa's family inspired by the fragrances she loved. 
In addition to the wonderful items above, each bag also includes a hot beverage item intended to soothe the soul.

"Lisa's Legacy was a godsend just when I was in great need.  I fell and my back was broken in January.  While still in rehab, my husband passed away two months later.  The box of soothing tea was tasty and smooth.  The eye catching coloring pages and Crayola markers came in very handy when I would have a down time and needed a lift.  There was a spiral notebook which I use for writing devotional notes.  So much good from the bag bearing Lisa's name.  I even found a new use for the bag, because I filled it with all the keepsakes from my husband's memorial service.  A great big thank you hug to her family for making a hard transition bearable."  ~ Barb H., Fort Wayne, IN