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Lisa's Legacy encourages people to bring compassionate conversation and hope to those who are hurting by sharing bags with items of comfort and support.
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Lisa's Legacy provides tools and educational resources to individuals seeking to help and support people dealing with a difficult circumstance.  The primary tool is a bag containing items of comfort and practicality provided at no costs, which serves as a catalyst to promote compassionate, sensitive conversation between the person giving the bag and the recipient.
Our four-fold vision is to:
  • increase the overall awareness of Lisa's Legacy so that more compassionate people can connect with those in need
  • partner with compassion-based organizations in Fort Wayne and surrounding counties to form a regional distribution network for the bags
  • offer the bags and educational resources online to anyone desiring assistance to initiate a compassionate conversation
  • be self-sustaining through donations, sponsorships and grants


Lisa's Legacy, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is committed to be excellent stewards of the time, talents and gifts afforded to us.  Therefore, we have no paid staff and a volunteer Board of Directors that donate their time and expertise because they fervently believe in the mission of Lisa's Legacy. 
Our 2022 Board of Directors consists of:
  • Ann and Steve Filler - Chairpersons
  • Joe Bir
  • Cyndi Boyer
  • Allen Haynes
  • Shanita Nelson
  • Judy Reifenberg
  • Jenny Sanders
  • Terri Stumpf
  • Gil Tallman
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