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When someone you love passes away, there is often an overwhelming desire to do something to commemorate their life, memory and legacy.  Below is a list of just a few of the many possible ways this can be done.

Lisa's Legacy is always looking to expand this list.  If you have an idea, please email us and let us know what it is.
  • Plant a tree or annual flowers; in one's own yard or, with permission, in a park, schoolyard or cemetery

  • Make a picture frame from items that the deceased loved (e.g. jigsaw puzzle pieces hot glued to the frame)

  • Dedicate a bench with a little name plate on it at their favorite location.

  • Make a memory quilt; consider incorporating pieces of their favorite clothing or special pictures.

  • Make a CD, mix tape or playlist of their favorite music.

  • Get a tattoo.

  • Adopt a section of a highway in their honor.

  • Frame something that they have written, drawn, composed, etc or their favorite recipe.

  • Make a snow globe with tiny items symbolizing or belonging to the loved one.

  • Make a  wear a piece of jewelry like a charm bracelet that has charms that characterized their life.

  • Make a pillow from a shirt belonging to the loved one.

  • Make stationary or note cards using their artwork or their picture.

  • Make a teddy bear using one of their shirts.

  • Have a butterfly release.

  • Using their handwriting, have it engraved on a piece of jewelry.

  • Put their picture in a locket.

  • Establish a scholarship.

  • Release a biodegradable sky lantern with your loved one's name and a message.

  • Enter a walk or race for a charitable organization in your loved one's honor.

  • Place stepping stones, a plaque or marker with their name and/or favorite quote in your garden.

  • Paint a rock and place it in a favorite spot such as under a tree, in a garden, along a walkway or inside.

  • On their birthday gather friends and family at the loved one's favorite restaurant.

  • On their birthday ask family, friends and social media friends to do an act of kindness in honor of the deceased and ask them to respond back with what they did.

  • On their birthday, go to a bakery and ask if someone has ordered a cake but hasn't paid for it yet.  Surprise them by buying the cake for them!

  • Host a mass gathering and form a shape such as a heart.

  • Float flowers or petals down a calm stream as a way of letting go.

  • On a smooth stone using permanent marker, write about the deceased person and drop it into their favorite pond, lake, river or ocean.  It can be a special memory, how the person impacted your life, or something that you want them to know but didn't have the opportunity to tell them.

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