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In Praise of Lisa's Legacy

Lisa's Legacy is having a positive impact on people's lives.  Below are just a few of the comments we have received.

Mieke M. - Kit Recipient

Holland, MI



"We all know people who have experienced life changing losses, and often we struggle with how best to share our concern.  Giving a Lisa's Legacy compassion kit is tangible expression of love, a prayer in action." 

Rev. Dr. John P. Gardner

Retired Senior Pastor

Plymouth Congregational Church
Fort Wayne, IN


"Thank you for the Lisa's Legacy kits that you provided for our 'Surviving the Holidays' program.  We gave out nearly 50 bags! Our attendees were so appreciative of your mission to support those grieving in our community."

Community Grief Center

Fort Wayne, IN



 "Lisa's Legacy was a godsend just when I was in great need.  I fell and broke my back.  While still in rehab, my husband passed away.  The box of soothing tea was tasty and smooth.  The eye catching coloring pages and Crayola markers came in very handy when I needed a lift.  The spiral notebook I used for writing devotional notes.  So much good from the bag bearing Lisa's name.  I even found a new use for the bag, because I filled it with all the keepsakes from my husband's memorial service.  A great big thank you hug to Lisa's Legacy for making a hard transition bearable."

Barb H. - Kit Recipient

Fort Wayne, IN


"We look forward to the opportunity to share the wonderful resources provided in the Grief bags to our grieving kids and families.  We are grateful to live in a community that believes in joining hands to support and foster healing for families during their most difficult days."

Ellen Roemke

Erin’s House for Grieving Children

Fort Wayne, IN


"What a great gift at a time of need!"


Diana M. - Kit Recipient

Spring Lake, MI


"A very thoughtful and compassionate kit that is well thought out and put together to help others cope with grief.  Lisa's Legacy is a reminder that we are not alone in our sorrow.  Many thanks for your kindness in helping us through a difficult time."

Eric and Kim R - Kit Recipient

Fort Wayne, IN


"Lisa’s Legacy continues to offer hope, healing, and comfort to those grieving in our community. In the past, Lisa’s Legacy has donated bags for our Grief Support Team to distribute at some of our bigger workshops. I am optimistic that we might be able to offer more workshops this year and would love to partner with Lisa’s Legacy for those who attend."

Laura Guerrero
Grief Counselor
Peggy F. Murphy
Community Grief Center

Fort Wayne, IN

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