What is it?  Lisa’s Legacy offers a grief bag that can be given to someone who is struggling with a difficult life circumstance.  The struggle may involve the death of a loved one, a divorce, a devastating medical diagnosis, job loss, depression or loneliness.   It offers an opportunity for the giver to engage the recipient in compassionate conversation when delivering the bag.   For those who find it hard to approach someone who is experiencing a tragedy, this grief bag gives purpose and meaning for a visit.  The contents of the bag are meant to bring comfort and cheer to a person at a time when it is often a big effort just to function and complete daily tasks.

NEW in 2021: Lisa's Legacy is now offering age-appropriate bags for children !


The Adult bags contain the following items:

  • Decorative tote bag with logo on front

  • Note cards with artwork done by Lisa

  • Adult coloring sheets (artist Carolyn Stitch) and markers or colored pencils

  • A box of tea

  • Notebook for journaling one’s own story, writing the story of the deceased,
    or use it to write and record meaningful quotes or thoughts

  • Box of tissues

  • Beautiful touchstone butterfly in a white jewelry bag

  • Custom-scented soy candle with a fragrance loved by Lisa   

The Preschool (ages 5 and under) bag contains the following items:

  • A teddy bear

  • The Goodbye Book (by Todd Parr)

  • 3 coloring sheets

  • Crayons

  • Squeeze/anxiety toy - zoo animals or red heart

  • Letter to their parent(s)/guardian(s)

The Elementary School (ages 6 to 10) bags contain the following items:

  • A teddy bear

  • The Memory Box: A Book About Grief (by Joanna Rowland)

  • A memory box of their own

  • Markers or crayons

  • Squeeze/anxiety toy - red heart or dinosaur egg

  • Letter to their parent(s)/guardian(s)

The Pre-Teen bags contain the following items:

  • A teddy bear

  • The Memory Book: A Grief Journal for Children and Families (by Joanna Rowland)

  • Markers

  • I Miss You So Much (a paper journal with leading prompts and space for child to draw/illustrate)

  • Squeeze/anxiety toy

  • Letter to their parent(s)/guardian(s)

The bags are provided free of charge and are supported solely by donations and grants.   A single donation of $25 can provide one adult bag a nd $35 will cover the cost of a children's bag.  If you would like to donate, please visit our Donate page.  A donation is greatly appreciated!

Why?  Lisa’s Legacy was started as a way to carry on the memory of Lisa Filler and to comfort others in their struggle.  The bag provides you with an opportunity to open a conversation with the person dealing with loss.

Would you like to give a bag to someone?  Please visit the Request a Bag page to find a distribution location  near you..

touchstone and note cards