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Call to Action with Your Grief

Like so many others that have been on the news these last three days, I want to extend my sympathies to the families in Texas who have lost loved ones. I know first-hand the pain and sorrow of losing a child. The pain may become less intensified over time, but the grief is always there.

But another emotion that comes bubbling up in me is anger. Anger at politicians who blame the schools for not doing enough to stop the mass shootings. Anger at the stronghold that the NRA has on the politicians who are greedy and eager to take their blood money. Anger that nothing gets legislated to regulate guns, or worse, to make it easier to obtain guns.

This is a call to action. Call your U.S. senators and representatives!


If you call during business hours, you might get an actual person or you may have to leave a message. Anyway, speak your mind! I’m told that someone in their offices tally the messages to see which way the wind is blowing with the public.

Pass the number on to friends and family so that the politicians can hear from you!

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