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Funerals and Technology

This year, I have been to four family funerals. Two aunts, one uncle and the husband of a cousin. Four funerals in one year is not so unusual for someone my age. What was unusual was that I was not physically present for the funerals. They were livestreamed. The funerals were over 500 miles away, and during this time of covid, it would not have been a good idea to travel to the funerals. However, seeing the funerals livestreamed made me feel connected and it was the next best thing to being there.

I was able to see the blue casket that my aunt had told her daughter she wanted as she was dying. I heard one of my cousins sing a beautiful hymn. I heard a heartfelt eulogy made by a daughter about her father. Plus, I was able to see the churches where the funerals were being held.

With the most recent funeral of my cousin’s husband, we also had my west coast cousins watching the livestream. While waiting for the funeral to start, we were texting each other. “Is that Mark with the silver hair?” “There’s several men with silver hair, so I don’t know.” “Do you see our flowers anywhere?” I could imagine the three west coast cousins, my sister in Michigan and myself all sitting in a pew, whispering those questions.

I am so appreciative for the funeral homes that provide that technological service for friends and family who cannot be there to attend!

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