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Wondering About Heaven

Ever since our Lisa died, I try to imagine where she is. I firmly believe that she is in Heaven. No question! But what is Heaven like? Within a couple of weeks after her death, I went to the library to check out books on Heaven to see if I could find out. Maybe it was too soon, maybe I should have gone to my church to look so that the prose would be more aligned with my religious beliefs or maybe I just didn’t get the right books. I only read a few pages in two of the eight books that I checked out and put them aside.

I also made, and still make an effort to ask those who are in a religious role such as clergy, chaplains and deacons what their version of Heaven is like. I learn a little bit from each conversation, but nothing is solid in my mind. Most can tell me what the Bible says it’s like and then they conclude that no one really knows…yet. I suspect that I make them uncomfortable asking the question.

I tried to envision that Lisa would be there with my parents. That was comforting. Were Mom and Dad there waiting to greet her? What about my grandparents? They are family, but they died when Lisa was too little to remember them or before she was born. Would she be meeting them for the first time?

What are some of the physical descriptors of Heaven? Some of the readings that I’ve read describe it as a beautiful land. I think that there are many beautiful places here on earth. It’s hard to imagine a place even better. Also, where is Heaven? In the Bible, it gives the concept of descending from the clouds/sky. Does that mean that Heaven is far above us? Why don’t the astronauts see Heaven when they are in space?

I wonder if singers and musicians who have died sing in Heaven. If so, would Lisa get to hear some of my favorite singers that came before her time? Singers such as Elvis or Nat King Cole. What about great artists? Do they continue to paint and sculpt in Heaven while people can watch?

For that matter, if people had a job or career here on earth, does that carry through into Heaven? Do teachers teach or preachers preach up in Heaven.? What do people do to fill their time? Do some jobs become obsolete in Heaven? I can't imagine that there would be a need for firemen or ditch diggers in the firmament.

If a person has a personality on earth, does it stay pretty much the same in Heaven? What if they were a hothead, with a temper easily triggered? Is Heaven such a wonderful place that they no longer feel the need to be hotheaded? What about bullies? What happens to them in Heaven? Is there some kind of justice for those who committed crimes, were cruel to others or were mean-spirited when they get to Heaven?

Do other people spend much time thinking about Heaven? I'd love to hear from others what they think of Heaven!

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